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    ZUHAIR MURAD Spring/Summer RTW 2015

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    And yet the miles still separate us, so it’ll have to be virtual tea… recurringdreamsposts cherry-tom-ato

    Thank you duck


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    not just followers, everyone.


    I’m here if any of you need to talk<3

    Argentina Suicide Hotlines

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    The best part is, this post actually does something, it offers support, unlike one of those useless “reblog if you care” posts.


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    Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am making breakfast getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30 .This is a typical day in our household . It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and eveny minute of #fatherhood . #proudfathers #blackfathers #prouddads #gaydads


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  8. Jaguar XJL | Source | More

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  9. Hiddleston is names Glamours best dressed male this year :)

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    We´ve been over this, Ladies.

    This scene caused me to orgasm, multiple times.

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    me watching The Hobbit for the first time

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    This kills me everytime

    OMFG Right in the feels…..


    Omg no. Ouch. My heart.

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    comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

    If any of my followers are feeling like this, message me. We can talk :)

    hello friends this is a symptom of depression.

    This is so on point

    yep, this is my life in a nutshell

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    I have finally hit my breaking point. For as long as I can remember I have endured my mother’s abuse, whether it is verbal, emotional, or as seen here physical. I can expect some act of violence on a daily basis, and her beating me is not an usual occurrence, but today something snapped. My mother did this unprovoked, and this time she didn’t stop. Usually it’s bad for a little while and then she’s done, today it went on for what seemed like forever. At a certain point I decided I was going to do something I never do, call the police. You see, my mother is a highly respected and very well known person where I live. She is on the board of ed, worked for CPS for many years, and is close personal friends with people like the local chief of police, director of our local CPS unit, and so on. I always knew that calling wouldn’t go anywhere and just upset her more, but today I had to try. While she was kicking me I found my opportunity, and somehow managed to get away from someone more than twice my size. I ran as fast as I could, knocking things over behind my, trying to find a phone. I dialed and they listened and my mother proceeding to beat me over it, while I screamed for help. For the second time today, I managed to get away from her and ran to my room. I barely had enough time to lock my door, before she starting trying to get it, to the point that she ripped my door off the frame. I decided I was going to stay locked in there, until the police came. The past few months I have been collecting evidence against her, voice recordings, pictures like these, and videos of her violence, so they couldn’t dispute what was going on. But I was dead wrong. 

    When the officer finally came up to my room, I attempted to tell him my side of the story, but before I could get a sentence out he silenced me. HE told me that this was my mothers house, and I needed to live by her rules. If I didn’t she had the right to punish me. He also told me to be tankful for her, because he wanted to press assault charges against me. finally, he refused, despite my begging, for him to take me to a shelter for teens. 

    I am utterly disgusted by the injustice that occurred today. I pray there is no one else out there who is living in such a situation. I am not sure exactly what I am getting out of writing this, except maybe that it’s just nice to be able to open up about this, when I have had to keep it a secret my whole life. idk. sorry for posting such heavy shit. 

    Signal boost the fuck out of this

    i am fucking disgusted.

    I am physically feeling sick after reading this and am crying. What the hell is wrong with this fucking country?! UGH!!!!

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